If our eyes are the camera that captures our every moment, our hands are there to satisfy every wish that is conceived in our brain regarding art and involvement. These are the lesser advertised parts of our bodies, compared to our face, our chest, but they are ever present. My generation has brought forth everything handcrafted. We have fallen in love with, developed and guarded artisanship with passion.

As a project, this Oyster Bar somewhere next to the sea breeze, inhabited my mind for around two or three years. Paros, and Naousa more specifically, is a love affair for me, an affair that evolved into a love story. This old stone house next to the sea, right across the little church of Agios Dimitrios, came into the equation!


Almost everything is prepared by hand. The meeting and merging of artisans, fishermen, in every step of the process, from the cement finishings to the cooks and the waiters, everyone got on board this little restaurant with shellfish, wines and tastes from France and Greece. Executive chef Nikos Pylarinos, being the first chef of Sophia Luxury Suites in Santorini, fixed up the finest in summer flavors and salted breezes. Jason, a creator with deep know-how, joined in with amazing cocktails, drips and wines, anything that ages in mud and barrels, and so, Ohja! became a reality!


These are the things that balance us during these times we are going through.

We are waiting for you.

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at Agios Dimitrios Beach

(former address of ohja!)

Ohja! Oyster & Cocktail Bar

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