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Ohja! Oyster &  Cocktail Bar

Welcome to

ohja!  Oyster & Coctail bar

As a project, this Oyster& coctail Bar somewhere next to the sea breeze, inhabited my mind for around two or three years. 

This old stone house next to the sea, right across the little church of Agios Dimitrios, came into the equation!

Located at Naousa Paros, next to the sea breeze, right across the little church of Agios Dimitrios.

From the first smile that sweeps by your table like the fresh salty breeze of seductive Naousa, to the very last drop of taste that has found its rightful place on your plate, Ohja! is a complete culinary experience in itself. Here, fine dining leans on the best quality ingredients and the treasures they bring to the conversation. Treated with the outmost respect in the hands of our experienced team, flavors are left to develop their subtle notes without a hint of exaggeration. Welcome to the exploration that underlines the art of preparing the best version of a meal with the finest gems our sea has to offer.


Right off the waters of Agios Dimitrios in Naousa, the culinary haven of Paros island, this old stone house turned oyster bar opened its doors in the summer of 2021, as a sister project to Sophia Luxury Suites in Santorini, with a simple task: To offer the finest seafood and fish prepared from scratch through our very own version of Greco-French dining, in a setting that creates an experience in itself. 


Nikolaos Pylarinos admits that Ohja! is his wonderland, having come full circle from the very reason he wanted to become a chef in the first place, to finding himself training in Paris and working in top restaurants in France and Greece. As a child you see, he would never eat fish or seafood because he felt nobody knew how to prepare them the way they should.


The Ohja! Oyster and Cocktail Bar is a creative and bold gastronomic concept designed to provide maximum pleasure to the senses. The menu amalgamates some of the world’s most exclusive and savory delicacies with inventiveness, imagination, sophistication, and artistry. 

Every dish reveals the passion for excellence and culinary innovation that distinguishes our chef and his team. The finest and most exquisite ingredients are used to create unparalleled gourmet fusions that will satisfy the most demanding palates.

~ Amethyst ~ Champagne, Vodka, Crème de Violet, Lime.


Another seductive facet of Ohja!, the temple of temptation as we like to call our bar, is dedicated to offering you memorable moments at our sensual, luxurious, and elegant ambiance.

From Classic Summer Cocktails with a Twist to luscious mocktails, our bartender will enchant your senses with the flavors and the aromas he pours in your glass. Although our cocktails are the indisputable superstars of our bar, you can quench your “spiritual” thirst by choosing from our rich collection of carefully chosen Greek and French wines, high-end champagne, and elite spirits.

~ Amethyst ~ Champagne, Vodka, Crème de Violet, Lime.



A note from the man behind Ohja!

“Artisanship has always fascinated me, in any shape and form, and so has the merge of different art forms into a single project”

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